Does your website have issues that you don’t even know about?

Your website is your digital storefront, and you know that there are certain things you should be doing to get found on search engines. But mastering SEO is tricky, and there are a lot of items to check off your website’s SEO checklist.

Find out if your website has any issues with this FREE website audit.

What will I learn when I sign up for this free audit?

Your website might seem like it’s functioning just fine, but in order for your website to really be doing it’s job, certain things like H1 tags and meta descriptions need to be in place. The audit also will list the red flags, like duplicate titles, duplicate content, incorrectly formatted page titles, URLs, broken images, pages blocked from being indexed by search engines, and more.

The audit crawls every page of your site and delivers issues, errors, warnings and notices in list format that is easy to comprehend and then act on.

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How do I get it?

Fill out the form to the right and provide us the URL of your website and a little information about your business and your current marketing. Once you fill out the form, you’ll receive an email with some information about SEO practices to tide you over while a member of our team puts together your audit. You should receive an email from _______ within a day of your audit request.

You might have questions about the info you receive…that’s fine! Ask away! We’ll help you understand some of the items in your audit.

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