5 Quick and Easy Ways to Incorporate Branding into Twitter

42% of companies have acquired a customer through Twitter. That means in 140 characters, they have managed to make enough of an impression to move someone through to the next phase of the sales process. That’s crazy to think about! Whether you’re just getting your Twitter started or have one that really needs some work, here are 5 ways to incorporate your business’ branding into Twitter.

1. Your Handle

You Twitter handle is your @NAME. Its what p people use to connect with you and you will be tweeting under. This makes it an important part of carrying your branding over to Twitter. Make sure it has something to do with your business, and isn’t something random. It may be hard to think of a good one if your company’s name is already taken, but taking the time to come up with something that doesn’t include numbers or an underscore will be super beneficial to you.

2. Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo should be your logo. It best represents your company and will be attached to everything you tweet. You want to make sure your logo looks good at a few different sizes because it will be scaled down in some places. On your profile it will appear at 73×73 px. When Twitter recommends for someone to follow you via the “Who To Follow” feature, it will be scaled down to 48×48 px. The smallest size you have to worry about your logo looking good at is 24×24 px, the size your photo will be when it appears in someone’s Twitter feed.

3. Your Header Image

Your header image (similar to Facebook’s cover photo) is what appears at the top of your Twitter behind your profile photo and bio information. This can be a great way to tie in the branding from your current marketing campaigns! Just keep in mind that the minimum dimensions for this are 1252×626 px and it has to be under 5MB, so you may have to create an image especially for this area.

4. Hashtags

That’s right, you can make your own hashtag. Like your handle, it should be unique to you and have some thought put into it. It can be as simple as the tagline you’re using. Think along the lines of Taco Bell’s “#WakeUpLiveMas.” When you see #WakeUpLiveMas, you know it has to do with Taco Bell’s breakfast promotion. Additionally if you come up with something really clever and promote it, yes, you can promote your hashtag, you may capture the attention of someone that could become a new customer for you down the line. Do not underestimate the power of the hashtag!

5. Shared Images

You know you have to provide your audience with helpful and engaging content, but how do you put your company’s unique touch on it? Create images and share them! One way to do this is to incorporate information from your helpful and engaging blog posts. When promoting your most recent blog post on Twitter, have an image to attach that’s styled along with your branding. It should contain a line or fact from your blog post. An awesome image will carry your branding over to what you’re sharing on Twitter, as well as provide a visually appealing and interesting preview of your blog post. These images will be shown in your follower’s Twitter feeds as 435×375 px, but if they are larger they will be shown at full size when clicked. You can either post images that are 435×375 px, or post larger ones that look good when scaled down to that size, it’s up to you.

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