5 Reasons Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

You’ve got a business Facebook and a Twitter, so you’re covered on the social media side of your online presence, right? Not so much. LinkedIn has earned its spot among the social media platform elite, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Here are just 5 of the many reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn.

1. Built for Business

LinkedIn is a social media site made for businesses. It’s a place for businesses to connect with other business as well as individuals online. Members are business- oriented, and include entrepreneurs, marketers, and other professionals. This makes LinkedIn a great place to not only promote your business, products, and services, but it can also help you connect with potential employees if your business needs them. Because LinkedIn is so business-oriented, they provide tons of tools to help you accomplish your social media goals.

2. Free and Easy

You love that social media is free, but the set-up process can be overwhelming. Just log in with your personal account (if you don’t have a personal account, tsk tsk!), and find the “Companies” menu. LinkedIn will guide you through the rest! Don’t know what to include or thinking “do I really have to fill out everything?” Yes, you have to fill out everything! Every piece of information about your company is important. People what to know where to get your product or service, how to connect with you in other ways, and other things about your business. Give them everything!

3. Members Know What They’re Looking For

You want to make sure you’re as easy to find as possible. Make sure you’re in the right category or industry, otherwise you might hard to find. You don’t want your customers or partners to deem you unfindable! This links back to filling out all the information that is requested of you. Make sure it’s done correctly, so you can be found and connected with. Remember, you want to create and maintain relationships with your social media presence.

4. Link Your Company Blog

You’ve been putting out some awesome and helpful content through your blog, right? (Hint: the correct answer is “right”) You want to make sure everyone sees that awesome and helpful content, and you want to use social media to do so. Going to every social media platform to link to your latest and greatest blog post can be time-consuming, so LinkedIn does the work for you. Just include the feed to your blog in your profile, and LinkedIn will push that content out to those that are following you. If you are continually getting that great content from your blogs out to those that follow you, it will increase the attractiveness of your business’ profile on LinkedIn, and will be likely to keep people coming back to your profile and your business.

5. Everything Gets Connected for You

LinkedIn makes sure everything on the site that has to do with your business stays connected. This means that all of the accounts, links, and feeds are connected to your business’ profile. This includes any job listings you might have put on the site (remember to utilize this feature), current employees, and former employees. This feature makes it easy for you to make sure everyone that says they’re affiliated with your company is being truthful, but it does give important responsibility of going through and checking on that.

your business should be on linkedin, 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

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