4 Meaningful Marketing Strategies Your Customers Will LOVE!

, 4 Meaningful Marketing Strategies Your Customers Will LOVE!

4 Meaningful Marketing Strategies that Won’t Break the Bank and Your Customers Will LOVE*!

It will never make good business sense to try to manipulate, con, or trick your customers to “opt in” to your marketing campaign as a means to increase your numbers.

Customers don’t want to feel like a number. They want to feel like, well, a customer, and like they matter.

My favorite quote from Simon Sinek explains this well: “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.”

Marketing that Makes Sense

It will ALWAYS make sense to be awesome, create value for your customers, and give them a good reason to listen to you, trust you and become a raving fan.

Meaningful marketing, especially within the context of social media, demands that you bring something of value to your audience. When you breach their trust to force them into your funnel, you’ve probably lost them forever.

At the end of your campaign, if you have a lot of clicks, visits and emails, but no customers, you are doing something wrong. These are a few of my favorite ideas that any business, but particularly small businesses can implement for long-lasting results – turning marketing into not just customers, but raving fans!

1. Be a resource of information that helps people solve their problems – without any catches. Write a meaningful blog, share tips on social media that actually make a difference, host free webinars or live workshops, start a podcast.

2. Become a strategic partner for businesses that complement yours. Share their ideas on your social media channels, feature them as guest bloggers, invite them to speak at a live workshop or on your webinar, offer content that might be valuable for them to share on their blog. When your audience sees you are a collaborator with other businesses, it reflects your desire to serve the greater good, and that makes your messages more meaningful.  It is helpful (but not necessary) to have a relationship with these strategic partners. Talk to them about your plan, and involve them in the strategy if possible. If you work together, you’ll reach more people!

3. Reward your loyal customers by surprising and delighting them with special gifts or offers. Randomly award someone at your restaurant with a free cupcake, just for being there. Create a meaningful VIP Email or Text campaign and actually TREAT them like VIPs! Have a fan of the week on your social channels. If you are a B2B company, spotlight one of your business clients in your posts.

4. Plan a Friends and Family event that really shows your most loyal customers how much you appreciate them. Hire a photographer and leverage your social media to tell the story of your generosity. When you consider the cost of giving away food and beverages to 100 or so customers who regularly eat at your place, think about what they will be saying about you, and how that will impact others. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?!

Creating a buzz around your raving fans will bring more positive impact to your bottom line than almost any other form of advertising, because by creating meaningful marketing, you validate the humans that you are serving and that reaches beyond ROI every single time.

What other meaningful marketing strategies have you seen? What other ideas can you add to this short list?

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*No matter what marketing strategies you choose to employ, always place your customers at the forefront. Your Return on Relationships will greatly influence your ROI!