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Connecting your business to people • To your community • Between the online world and an offline experience • Between you and your customers, fans, and biggest supporters and those who haven’t met you yet.

We build a connection between “target audience” and customer. Most importantly, we build the bridge that helps you build and grow your business.

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Anybody can set up a website, but we build strategic, engaging websites that instantly reinforce credibility, communicate established messaging to intended audiences, and ultimately make people want to do business with you.  Your website is more than a brochure – It’s the beginning of your relationship with new customers and it enhances your relationship with your existing customers. Your website may be the most important asset you own because it makes it possible to keep your business relevant in the digital space we call the Internet.  Businesses who recognize the importance of their website understand that it is the hub from which all marketing falls back to as the beacon for business growth.

Our website designers are always creating new and engaging designs – we don’t create “cookie cutter” websites. Each of our designs, whether it’s a simple site for a small business, an e-commerce website with thousands of products, or a landing page designed for an event or specific advertising campaign, are developed to help you and your organization thrive and exceed goals.  We can even help start-ups and bloggers who are looking to build something for the long term.  Remember, your website is an asset that will help people determine whether or not you are the right solution for them.

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SEO Marketing

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What is the lifetime value of your customer?  Do you know how much you are spending to acquire new customers? If you’re spending money on advertising, you are probably aware of things like “cost per lead”.If you are not yet investing in your online presence, specifically investing in ranking your website for the keywords your target audience is using when searching for your products or services, you’re probably missing out on a huge chunk of valuable leads. Today’s consumer isn’t responding well to outbound marketing – cold calls, and in-your-face advertising aren’t as effective as they used to be. Today, 80% of consumers are searching online – from their tablets, smartphones and PCs – for what they want before they decide what they are going to buy.  Consumers are in the driver’s seat and if they cannot find you, they are going to buy from someone else.

SEO makes it possible for them to find you.  Our Search Engine Optimization services make it possible for your website to be found for your targeted keywords. We ensure that your on-page assets are optimized for those keywords and we create an ongoing content strategy that will bring valuable traffic to your website, and ultimately in your door. We don’t just track website visitors though.  A website visitor doesn’t matter to you, right?  Our SEO strategies will focus on targeted leads, phone calls and new customers.

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We’re here to help you with your social media needs, whether you’re looking to engage your audience for the purpose of building and managing relationships with your existing customers and loyal fans or if you’re more interested in attracting new customers through social media advertising – or both – we have a solution for you! No matter how big or small your business, the research continues to show that those businesses that are actively building their online communities through social media are consistently outselling those who are not invested in social.  It doesn’t take a lot of money to build your audience with social media, but it does take an authentic desire to and commitment to build and nurture the customer relationship through the buying process.  In short, if you care about your customers, we can help design a customized social media strategy for your business.

Social Media Management – We develop, create and curate the content for each channel.  Each channel, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or SnapChat, requires a strategy that will resonate with the users of that platform. We’ll integrate our services to meet your needs and we’ll work with your staff to create a voice that represents your brand’s culture and values.

Social Media Advertising – Sometimes, boosting a Facebook post is all you need to accomplish your goal.  But when you’re ready for strategic advertising with a specific goal and measurable outcome, we will be here to take your online advertising to the next level.  Our proven advertising strategies are based on the most current options from the chosen platforms.  We won’t just record clicks or reach.  Our campaigns are designed to convert.  Whether an ad conversion is a phone call, a lead form or a coupon redemption, all of your campaign metrics will be be measured by the data.

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Online Ads

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Online advertising is the most cost-effective, measurable and efficient method for building a new audience or engaging an already existing fan base. Through the assets you already own—website traffic, Facebook fan pages, email lists and more—we can direct highly targeted audiences wherever you need them.

Advertising online can take many different shapes and sizes. The spectrum of online advertising ranges from Google Display ads that allow you to advertise on websites, Google Search ads that allow us to harness the power of a user’s Google search, and social media platforms that allow us reach potential customers where they hang out in their free time – the possibilities are plentiful.

We’ll take your goals and build campaigns complete with custom advertising graphics, bidding strategies, and target audiences.

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Event marketing isn’t just fun and games, it’s a smart marketing strategy. Getting people together, and giving them an opportunity to walk for a cause, or to simply enjoy a nice meal with great music, for the purpose of establishing a stronger relationship with your brand or to raise money for your philanthropy is brilliant for a number of reasons. The most important reason is brand affinity. People like to know that you’re more than just the place they go to buy widgets, or a sandwich or an organization that feeds the needy. They want to know that you are human, approachable and in some way invested in the community. An event can make that connection.

Event Marketing isn’t new, but it has become much more accessible to smaller brands since the advent of social media. But event marketing is much more than just an event.  When you’re looking at all of the other services we offer at Maximize, and you’re thinking, “Man, they talk a lot about content.  I don’t have much content, and we don’t have time to write blog posts, or create pretty graphics that are not directly bringing new customers in the door.”  Well, an event is content marketing GOLD.  With an event, you have activity, you have people engaging with your brand, you have the opportunity to tell your story, through video and photos and through the attendees who participate in your event. This content can tell more about your company than a year’s worth of blog posts.  This content helps you stand out among the noise and get noticed.  Your customers will love you, they’ll tell their friends and as a result your new customers will begin loving you too.

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Mobile Marketing Example

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Mobile devices connect people to the things they care about. If your brand is something they care about, mobile marketing is a great way to add value and keep your customers informed while keeping you “front of mind.” Mobile SMS services, mobile advertising, contests and mobile landing pages are just a few of the ways you can connect to your customers with mobile strategies. VIP clubs and special subscriber deals make people feel like you care about them and that, is what marketing in the digital age is all about.


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