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In response to the current closures mandated by Governor DeSantis, Maximize Digital Media has started providing an opportunity for local merchants to keep business alive in the midst of this unprecedented pandemic – by enabling the online sale of gift cards.

Every business, no matter how small has a group of loyal customers who care about their favorite local spots. By turning on this option, you will give your customers a way to support you, and provide you with an alternative source of revenue.

“No one is showing up and we are firmly operating in the red now, but people are buying gift cards and ordering online, for which I am really grateful,”
Source: msn.com

Limited time offer

As of right now, neither you or your customers have to pay a single penny on gift card service fees. We are covering up to $6,000 in service fees (approximately 4% per transaction).

Are you ready to lead?

We understand how challenging and scary this time is (trust us, we’re right there beside you, trying to find a way, when there seems to be no way at all, but this is the time for small businesses and entrepreneurs to lead. We’re resilient. And we understand risk – maybe more than any other class of working professionals.

If we work together, we have a chance to tell the story of how we overcame an(other) onslaught of adversity.

None of us like to feel like we need help. But, here’s the thing – today, we all do.

And our team would love nothing more than to help you give your customers a way to support you during this time. Digital Gift Cards will allow your business to continue marketing your business and receive cashflow, while we all wait for relief from the results of this economic downturn.

, Online Gift Cards

, Online Gift Cards

What you need to get started:

  1. Merchant Account – Stripe, Paypal, Square
  2. Website or Facebook with 2k+ followers
  3. A credit card for billing of services

Let our team help you make it possible for your customers to show their support, even when we’re staying home. Get started today! We’re here to help.