Don’t Be “Spooked” by Digital Marketing: Going Digital

In the spirit of Halloween, the Max team loves to gather around and share scary stories about how digital marketing went wrong for them at one time or another. Whether it’s a post on Facebook that went haywire or retargeting audiences for marketing (creepy by its very nature), we all have had that one “spooky” online experience that we still get the chills from. Learn from our ghostly tales and how you can improve your game so these monsters no longer go bump in the interwebs.


“My Business Was Afraid of Going Online.”

In this day and age, customers might often wonder why a company they enjoy is not online. And this ranges from large-scale corporations to mom-and-pop diners in local towns. The thing of yellow pages is in the past. Television, radio, and print media are all converging online. With all this media meeting in one place, it makes the most sense to meet them at the one point they all become one and kill two birds with one stone.

But for some business owners, the World Wide Web is a huge graveyard waiting with mummies and grave holes to swallow you up. Landmines like bad reviews and false information riddle the road to your company with sour tastes. It seems like there are terrors at every turn trying to trip you up and ultimately demise your business simply by having an online presence.

But this is not the case! One cold, hard truth: whether you have an online presence or not, these “monsters” will still be out there writing about your business online. Wouldn’t you rather be on there to see what they’re saying and helping correct it if it is wrong?

The other truth is, it makes your business look professional. It makes it look like you know what’s going on. It aids communication, fosters relationships, and gives you a channel to communicate with customers. It also acts as a great resource for pushing updates, hosting contests/coupons, and crisis management – if you ever need it.

There are multiple ways to get your business online, as well. Each step is one more way of making your business more marketable online, as well:

  • Website: This can be a big undertaking: managing, curating content, and updating information is something that needs to be prioritized – and more than just once every few months.
  • Social media: assess what might work best for your company. Not every social platform will be right for you. Facebook is a great place to get started for any company and then branch out from there. Some of our suggestions: Instagram and Twitter.
  • Blogs: these will be supplementary content for your business. It will make your business more discoverable online though search engines and also more creditable.
  • Video: For companies with several visual aspects, the aid of video and audio may work towards your advantage. Hosting accounts on Youtube and Vimeo will help brand your business as professional in the video world.
  • Advertising: online advertising is becoming the next biggest movement, and there are several ways to achieve this. Facebook advertising and Youtube previews are just two of the ways online media marketers are reaching consumers with their ads.


Of course, taking the step from nothing to something can be more like a jump, and that’s where the Max team can help you out. Whether your taking your first steps towards having an online presence or maybe have one and in need of a little rejuvenation, Maximize will take your business from average to awesome! Contact us today.