20 (Free) Plugins Your Business Website Needs Now

WordPress has made website creation easier than ever. No longer do you need to understand HTML, CSS, or any type of code – simply install a plugin and your website can be anything you want it to be.

But in the big world of plugins, it’s hard to determine the best ones for your site. Should you only use free plugins or are paid ones worth the investment? Will the plugin do what it says it will? Will you risk crashing your site? Or will a plugin mess up your code?

No need to fear. We researched some awesome plugins and here are 20 plugins that are worth your install and implementation on your website today.


1. Digg Digg

Display your social media icons easily and functionally for your users.


2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Installing an SEO plugin is essential for your website. This particular plugin installs within your post creator and enables you to choose keywords and add custom titles and descriptions.


3. Hello Bar

This banner bar goes along the top of your pages. Test A/B CTAs, power words, collect emails, and more.


4. Disquis comments

Manage comments through this easy and pretty comment system. Installs right into your WordPress and makes managing spam and responses a breeze!


5. Pin It Button for Images

Pinterest is getting bigger and bigger in website referrals. Why not encourage your users to pin your images to link to your sight? It’s just an install away.


6. Editorial Calendar

Manage all your posts and schedules quickly and easily in one location through the Editorial Calendar plugin. Drag posts around to reschedule and manage other users schedules, as well.


7. WP Hide Post

Hide a post through a simple click. This may be beneficial to help hide RSS feeds or on main index pages for content you want to use for specific purposes that may not be beneficial for your immediate audience.


8. Scroll Triggered Box

If you use Buffer at all, you will notice that when you scroll on a page, a box will pop up. Use as a great call to action and help increase your user engagement through is free plugin.


9. MyTweetLinks

This is kind of cool – enter a quote or soundbite into the post editor and it will generate tweets that users can tweet if they liked the post at the bottom of the post page.


10. Filament

Manage several apps – including Google Analytics for your website – all through this one simple plugin dashboard. Worth a try if you are running several apps on your website.


11. SumoMe

Help your users share content they like on your posts. Do this through images or highlighted text.


12. Click To Tweet

Allow users to tweet quotes or soundbites through pull quotes on your page.


13. WooDojo

Dress up your post pages through nifty side bar additions and creative flair through widgets. Definitely a step-up from standard theme-created sidebars.


14. Jetpack

Get analytic reporting without having to go anywhere else but your website dashboard. In addition, get 33 other tools all bundled together in one useful package, including things like share tools and related posts.


15. upPrev

Showcase related posts or any post you want within the sidebar of your posts. Takes the guesswork out of WordPress linking your posts.


16. Custom Login

This one can be just for fun – personalize your login page with fun images (or professional) by user.


17. Contact Form 7

Create a solid contact page for your business – an essential part of any professional website.


18. Slideshow Gallery

Display your images in a creative a eye-appealing manner through a slideshow option. Easy to insert and runs with shortcodes.


19. Thank Me Later

No longer worry about getting back to your commenters in a quick response time. Let your website do that for you! Set up to have your website automatically email commenters a thank you upon submitting a comment.


20. GTMetrics

Look at how you site is performing… not from an analytics point, but from a speed point. See where your site is slowing you down to help improve user experience.



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