Newsletter Archive: January 2015 Blogs

Starting your 2015 with strong marketing ideas for your company is ideal, right? But we all know it’s a lot easier said than done. Our newsletter this week features some key points to consider, advice and tips for everyday business owners – just like you!

We have some great ideas for adding new, exciting and effective strategies to better your brand. We have every person on our staff offering insight and advice! Make sure you didn’t miss a single blog post:


Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing in 2015

The use of video in social networking sites has been rapidly growing over the past few years and has proven to be more engaging than the standard photo or text post.  Let’s go over how to maximize the use of video on each platform. Read More >

4 Meaningful Marketing Strategies Customers Will LOVE!

Meaningful marketing demands that you bring something of value to your audience. When you breach their trust to force them into your funnel, you’ve probably lost them forever. Here’s how to avoid that… Read More >

Facebook from a Busy Mom’s Point of View

Keeping these Social media relationships is important for me to stay and feel engaged when I don’t have time to talk to people individually. All parents need to be aware of what is happening and monitor their activity. Read More >

Bringing Your Best Face Forward in 2015

Do you know how many times I’ve had business owners ask me how they can use social media to make their business thrive? It’s almost gut wrenching to have to answer that. Read More >

10 Website Design Tips

If your website is poorly designed, chances are that you have lost a few potential customers already, sometimes permanently.  How can you avoid this? Read More >

Design Checklist for Small Businesses

Investing time and money to nail down your brand from the start saves headaches, heartbreaks, and empty wallets when your business is fully established. Read More >

5 Things You Can’t Forget to Do in 2015

You’re busy busting your butt trying to deliver the best product and service for your clients, and tending to your own business will take the backseat if you let it. And it’ll definitely be tempting to let it. So, we’re here to say, “Um…hey, don’t do that, okay?” Read More >

Color Psychology: How Are People Perceiving Your Company?

Whether your suiting up for a potential date or ordering something from a drive through menu, let’s face it – you often choose to go with something that looks “good” to you.Well, your potential prospects, customers and clients are reacting the same way. Through their visual instincts. Read More >


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