The Ole Social Media Russian Roulette: Website Design Tips

, The Ole Social Media Russian Roulette: Website Design Tips

<rant> The Ole Social Media Russian Roulette: Website Design Tips

Recently I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed doing the ole Russian Roulette of social media (scrolling like a maniac and then stopping and reading the status that landed on the middle of the page) – I think I will do a series of posts inspired by the topics I find on my feeds. What I saw before me angered me, gave me a sense of helplessness, and complete disappointment in humanity. I’m being a bit dramatic, but I did feel rattled up.

A friend of mine shared a link to a website called The Grid, a business with artificial intelligence (AI) software that designs and builds a website for you by simply dumping content into it. He included a message to the effect of, “this is the best thing since sliced bread, and you will thank me later my fellow entrepreneurs”.

Before I continue, I must say that this is a great friend of mine, and that I admire his spirit of entrepreneurship and his knowledge in other areas of business. He’s a great human being and in no way do I intend to bash him, but instead I hope to share some knowledge on why this AI website building software is not what you need to get your business online.

Three Quick Points

  1. AI does not know you, your business, or your target market. This is the most important. Think of what makes your business special, unique, and just better than your competitors. Does it fit in a cookie cutter? With a professional website designer, you get someone who will tailor your website to fit your business. There is a great deal of psychology that goes into building a website for a business. At Maximize, we analyze who your target market is and build a site that best resonates with them. We consider everything from the flow of the website to how your target market interprets colors so that we create a powerful tool to drive sales.
  2. AI gives you no real power to make slight edits to the design and feel. Most people like to be in control of how their website functions and looks. We have clients who are very particular about their website and want no detail to be overlooked when it comes to aesthetics. The Grid has layouts that they call “filters”, which is what determines the look of your site. This of course limits control of the details that mean a lot to the uniqueness of your business.
  3. Will AI play friendly with search engines? Who knows! The Grid says their software will do the basic SEO stuff for you. What about everything else that constitutes great SEO?

For our general release, our layout filters automatically handle SEO optimizations using your content (e.g. auto created site description, page descriptions, page title in url, etc).

There is some real ninja-grade SEO tactics that play a critical role in your website’s success. I’m skeptical of how The Grid will fair with these ninja-grade SEO tactics, and what sort of improvements will be released after the “general release” The Grid refers to in the quote above.

If Not I, Then Who?

This type of website is great if you’re a photographer, a mom and pop business, or maybe you’re a start-up and just want to have the basics. If you just want the basics, chances are you’re not giving your business the opportunity it deserves to reach its true potential. Having the online infrastructure in place for future business expansion from the start allows you to grow with a clear objective in sight.

In short, if you truly want to be serious about your entrepreneurial endeavors, do it right the first time. Get a professional to build your business online and consult with them on your goals. My rant is over, if you’d like to learn more about what it is Maximize can do for you, please contact us! </rant>