Does your business REALLY need a Facebook page?

One of the toughest things about being a business owners is wearing “many hats”. When you wear many hats, you’re the CEO, the customer service representative, the technician, the support, and now you’re expected to be the social media guru?! We get it, it’s hectic! However, one of the biggest things you need to consider is that your customers are online. Your customers or potential customers are most likely looking you up online for business hours, your website, reviews, just to see if a business like you exists near them.

That brings me to the topic of Facebook pages. The question you probably have about them is simple…

Do I need a Facebook Page for my business?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is ABSOLUTELY HELL YES. 

By having a Facebook Business Page you’re putting the cherry on top of a strong digital presence and adding a place where you can be found. You’re improving your brand authority.

Let’s start with a story!

On September 14th, I celebrated my 8 year anniversary with my fiancé. It was a special occasion, and his gift to me was a vintage vinyl record player. It was gorgeous! I can proudly blast my Fleetwood Mac albums until I’m tired of hearing Gold Dust Woman. Point being, I wanted to also get my fiancé an album to have for the record player as well. So what do I, the novice vinyl collector, do? I look it up online!

I didn’t know if there was a record store in the area or if I’d have to do my shopping online. By looking up “Record Store Lakeland” into Google, I found a gem that was in the downtown Lakeland area! The Wax and the Needle was perfect for my needs… but if they did not have Facebook, I may not have been inclined to reach out. Why? They didn’t have a website. I try and stick to looking for businesses with either a Facebook Business Page or a website, mainly because this shows that they’re credible and reliable.

does my business need a facebook page, Does your business REALLY need a Facebook page?
I was able to find out all the information I needed and got a good idea of the brand by their social media posts. This allowed me to feel more comfortable reaching out and visiting the store in person, a large issue that millennials are having. I had a great experience I wouldn’t have been able to have if this small business did not have a Facebook page.

Why are Facebook Business Pages beneficial?

The above is just an example how having a Facebook Page is beneficial. While we highly encourage you to have your own website, Facebook business pages offer similar functions as a “mini-website” with its own review system, comment system, photos, and ability to list store information such as your address and store hours. As part of a general online strategy Facebook helps SEO, as a properly optimized Page will show up in search results along with your website, solidifying your brand as a trusted one.

Facebook is a hub of all things social. You’re connecting with your audience, so of course there are benefits to this. Having a presence on Facebook is valuable for many reasons including brand exposure, customer relations, driving website traffic and promoting online offers. It’s kind of like one big buffet – you choose exactly what you want to focus on and are free to dabble around.

But I can already hear you: “I don’t have time to manage a Facebook Business Page!” Don’t worry, I get it. You’re wearing many hats, remember?

Luckily, Facebook Business Pages aren’t as complex as you may think. You’re able to upload photos of happy customers or of your goods with some insightful commentary that encourages your clients to feel good. By showing your story and thinking of an amazing content strategy, you don’t have to do much of anything than… well, show up!

Your story can be as simple or complex as you want, but maintaining a level of activity keeps your customers thinking of you. You can post directly from your phone or tablet to your Facebook Business Page, which is perfect for busy business owners like yourself. Facebook offers a lot of options to help you work with your schedule. For example, you’ll find yourself able to schedule content ahead of time and set up Facebook Message Autoresponders (which allows you to always give the customer acknowledgment). You don’t have to drop what you’re doing to manage your business page for three hours a day – this makes telling your story more flexible.

By posting once a day and responding to messages in a timely manner, you’re giving customers value and customer service. You’re showing that you’re active and involved, connected to both customer and community.

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Having a Facebook Business Page allows your business to not only rank better through search engines, but to improve your visibility in the social world. Your customers are most likely using social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere… so it’s time to make it official!

does my business need a facebook page, Does your business REALLY need a Facebook page?What’s the disadvantage to Facebook Business Pages?

To be clear, nothing I’m going to mention here should deter you from setting up a Page. But there are some things you should know from the jump that aren’t perfect and could take some getting used to.

Thanks to algorithm updates in recent years, Facebook does not share your content as much as you’d hope for it to. With Facebook hoping to push Facebook Ads and boosted posts, organic (or “free”) posts are less likely to reach all of your audience and bleed into non-fans Facebook feed.

Don’t let this detour you! Although you may need to spend some money to really start reaching audiences outside of your established customer base, Facebook’s Ad system can really help promote your business to where your users are most likely are.

Unlike other advertisements, Facebook Ads are cost efficient.

With ads:
  • You’re always in control since you choose the budget and audience
  • Ads can be optimized reach people more likely to take action.
  • You can edit your budget or stop them at any time.

The cost of Facebook advertising is reflective of your ability to reach and engage with your target audience. Although “cost” heavily relies on your goals and what you constitute as success, these universal strategies that I’ve outlined above should put you on the goal line. The rest is up to you.

If you’re looking for a strong social media campaign that can reach thousands of potential customers, we’re able to help you! Maximize Digital Media is skilled in providing short and long term campaigns that help achieve specific goals for clients such as new fan acquisition, audience conversion from fan to customer, fan and customer engagement, lead generation, and more!