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Get more exposure for your business

Customers see businesses in the 3-Pack first and are more likely to click on the link for those businesses. Studies have shown the click-through rate is higher for businesses in the 3-Pack. Businesses in this boxed-off area will increase their bottom line more.

Customers Come to You

The Google 3-Pack is all about local businesses and local results. As such, local business owners have the most to gain. The 3-Pack is designed to return local results to local users. That means that you’ll get more local traffic online, and more local foot traffic. And more phone calls!

Boosts customer engagement

Any time you can communicate with your customers, it’s a good thing. The Google 3-Pack provides many ways they can communicate with you. They can leave a review, call your business, or go to your website. All of this opens the line of communication, which is good for business.


Makes it easy for customers

The 3-Pack provides a complete overview of your business in one click. Customers can see at a glance that you can help them, which gets them into your store making a purchase more quickly. Customers like it too and so, often choose the results shown in the Pack.

Increased revenue

Of course, all of these benefits boil down to one main benefit: being in the Google 3-Pack makes more revenue for your business. With increased exposure, increased local traffic, more communication, and information at a glance, your company will make more money if it’s in the 3-Pack.

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