Facebook, the Like-Gate, and How You Will Still Run Amazing Contests

If you stay up to date on your social media buzz, you heard the big ban Facebook has now issued against Like-Gates and Facebook contests. While this may mean some thinking on your part for your next Facebook contest campaign, we assure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel and here’s how it will ultimately benefit your page.


You want relevant likes

It might seem a little like a parent reminding a child, but quality will always trump quality. You want your likes to be from people who are truly interested in what you are providing them with, not just because they want to win free stuff.


With the Like-gate ban coming to Facebook, this means that users need not like your page just to be able to win a contest. But we ask, “Why, Facebook, are you making this so difficult for me? How could I possibly run an effective Facebook contest without people liking my page? How will they see me?”


We promise, with these effective and tested contests, your contest will get coverage, your page will more than likely still receive likes, and most importantly you will be working with Facebook to ensure that Like-Gating is gone for good.


You will have better quality posts

By Facebook forcing you to not force users to “Like” your page in exchange for something, they are instead encouraging you to put more effort into a more rewarding venture.


Instead of asking users to do something, you are going to have to engage them – the whole point of your social media! Creating engaging posts that in turn create likes rather than you begging for them will take craft, however it will ensure that what you are doing is both effective and worthy of your burden.


It’s going to encourage more advertising

Facebook is making it easy and affordable to advertise your business on Facebook, especially to a super relevant audience. This is one way that Facebook is doing businesses an indirect favor. By utilizing Facebook advertising, you increase your audience pool. And since advertising will be a great source to get your contest noticed, now might be the perfect opportunity to get on the ad train and see what it’s all about.


It’s going to refocus your business’ mindset

Social media likes make you feel important. But what does a like really mean? Yes, your fans like you, but chances are only a small portion of those likes are actually seeing any content you are pushing through your social media. This goes hand-in-hand with what we have already discussed. Your business wants engagement – being well liked will always come second.



With all these things in mind, here are several suggestions on contests your business can still run without fan-gating (and still knock it out of the park):


Start with a relevant and unique prize

A great prize is all you need to get people entering your contest to win. People love free stuff! Some suggestions may include a free consultation, a “limited edition” product, or an exclusive members-only package. What about a one-year membership or a give away of a product that isn’t even out yet? The more exclusive, the more enticing.


Add on smaller or multiple prizes

One grand prize is awesome! But increasing someone’s chance of winning may increase your pool of entries. Giving away several prizes at different times may also capture your audience’s attention for longer. Offering the option for them to enter multiple times may also work to your benefit, as well, as it increases their odds of winning.


Partner up for big deals

Companies will often co-sponsor contests in order to get a larger entry pool and even more prize options. Often, increasing your connections in the business world will ultimately have more benefits in the long haul than just generating contest buzz. However, consider partnering with a retailor to offer a shopping spree or a gift card to an online site. Not only will you engage your user base, but theirs as well.


Fan-of-the-week and the like

Encouraging your fans to interact with your brand is 100 percent effective 100 percent of the time. Reaching out to users to build your brand awareness as well as your presence online through hashtags, photos, status updates and more is like free advertising – plus your biggest advocate for you business are your customers.


You can still use app creators

App creators are usually paid services that will create contest apps for you on your social media. At Maximize, for instance, we use several different ones to help us create the best contest apps for our clients. This does not mean the end of app creators, but in fact may be the call that app creators have been seeking all along. A few we suggest: ShortStack, OfferPop, and Antavo.


Offer a discount

We are all looking to save money. Offer entries the chance to save money on a product rather than ask for a like, instead. Offer coupons like 20 percent off your online purchase or a free download of an ebook for every entry you receive.



Still looking for more creative ways to run Facebook contests? Contact Maximize today and let us do the work for you.