Don’t Be “Spooked” by Digital Marketing: Facebook Algorithms

This is part 3 in our “spooky” series. To catch up from the beginning, click here

In the spirit of Halloween, the Max team loves to gather around and share scary stories about how digital marketing went wrong for them at one time or another. Whether it’s a post on Facebook that went haywire or retargeting audiences for marketing (creepy by its very nature), we all have had that one “spooky” online experience that we still get the chills from. Learn from our ghostly tales and how you can improve your game so these monsters no longer go bump in the interwebs.


“Facebook is constantly changing.”

If this doesn’t have you scared, we don’t know what will. It’s all we’ve been talking about in the office for months – Facebook is in a constant state of change when it comes to algorithms, feeds, and advertising. How can you keep up?!

Lucky for you, here’s the big five you should be paying attention to. While Facebook will be announcing more as the year ends, these newest (and biggest) ones could be what is keeping you down in the newsfeed and stressing you out.


Scraping UID’s – No More

Gone are the days of creepily stalking users through ID’s to gain insight into their stats. Instead, Facebook will now be requiring HOW you got this information – via a Facebook app. This is especially important for those using the Power Editor tool.


Click-bait Be Gone

We will no longer see the headlines “This video is insane!” in our newsfeeds. These links – often generating content that is not supported by the headline – are being weeded out as “click-bait,” meaning they link to irrelevant content or spam.

Facebook is monitoring how long you remain on a page before returning back to Facebook. If this is within a matter of seconds, chances are your content was not what was promised to the user and could be flagged as “click-bait” and brought down. Be sure you are being honest about your content in your headline.


Like-gating is Gone, Too.

This may have been the biggest upheaval in the office over Facebook – pages can no longer use a “like” to their page as a means of entering a contest. This will reduce likes that might not be qualified or spammy to pages and create more engaged user-bases for pages. The biggest effect this had was on app developers – and really this just meant we had to get more creative. Chances are, those interested in what you are really offering will probably in turn like your page. No need to stress out yet.


Auto-posting is Heading Out

How annoyed are you with games and apps posting on behalf of your friends to help them get to level 389 of Candy Crush? We are beyond that – and so is the rest of Facebook apparently. Therefore, Facebook is starting to limit these posts in newsfeeds – both a yay and nay for us on the business side of things. However it does not affect things like Post Planner and other qualified apps.


In With the Trends

Facebook got smart and hopped on the Trending train, now displaying trending topics and stories in a sidebar on our newsfeed. This could go one of two ways – help us accurately tap our demographics and markets or result in us posting irrelevant content to drive traffic. Be the more responsible of the two. Remember, good content is stronger than hip content. It will last longer.


Each new Facebook algorithm may pose its own “scary” factors, but Facebook is working on making its user experience better for the consumer as well as brands. Eventually, we may settle on an agreement. Until then, keep rolling with the punches and keep getting creative with your strategies.


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