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Ad Campaign moat

Easy Ad Campaign Ideas – Is your ad campaign faltering? Not sure what to do next? Look no further! The Moat search engine makes it easy to find the type of banners successful businesses are running across the web.

My Ad Campaign isn’t Working..

Need campaign inspiration? Search Moat!

Need an idea for a banner ad and creatives? Yes, search Moat.

See exactly what sort of ads area being run by Groupon, Audi, Disney, Apple, Netflix, and thousands of other brands.

They have spent thousands of dollars on testing their campaigns…why not borrow from the best of the best?

If that weren’t enough…

Moat will also tell you where that ad campaign was last seen…Inside intelligence on where to place your own banner ads.

Marketing intelligence without the big time marketing budget.

Oh, I forgot to mention…it’s FREE!

Ad Campaign Metrics

Moat does have an upgrade feature for Power Marketers…they do not list pricing unless you schedule a demo. To date, I have not looked into this feature but, here is a quick snapshot of the upgrades:





So the next time you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your next online ad campaign, do a search on Moat. It will save you some time and money with your campaign.

I give this Cool Tool two thumbs up!

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