, Facebook Contests

Dynamic landing pages help promote contests and obtain lead generation through e-mail collection.

Contests are not just about who Likes your Facebook page. They’re a sign of your strong, loyal fanbase. Gaining a dynamic fanbase can be tricky, but offering contests showcases your company’s desire to connect and reward your fans. If you’ve ever heard people say “contests just don’t work”, you’re not talking to people who have run a successful Facebook Contest campaign.

Maximize Digital Media has success with creating unique contests that reflect the essence of a brand, engage fans, and promote engagement.

Contests work only if you have a strategy – giveaways, without a plan are not going to bring long-lasting value to your business’s bottom line. Contests tied to a measurable goal – like gathering customer data, gaining exposure in the marketplace, and discovering new people who are interested in your company can all be accomplished with contests and can make a difference in your bottom line. If you’re going to be noticed in the social media world, you want to make sure, when you have their attention, you are able to measure the results!

Maximize Digital Media helps your business create a strategy that meets your business goals, tailors a contest idea around it, and brings unique visuals into an experience your fans will remember, and strengthen the relationship they have with your brand. While “feel good moments” aren’t exactly measurable, the results of creating something fun for people to engage with certainly ranks as one of the best ways to raise awareness online!

, Facebook Contests

Easy-to-use forms partnered with appealing design promotes action from users.

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Fans are attracted to brands that appreciate their business and create an atmosphere they can react with. Our team does not just design the contest but will develop a strategy that will benefit the brand, reach endgoals, and focus on the fans. It is important to realize: contests are not one size fits all!


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