Reassess, Reassessing & Resetting Beyond 2020

Reassessing & Resetting Beyond 2020

Before we get started, we think it’s important for you to remember this quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” This is why you need to reassess your digital business model to set yourself up for a successful future. 

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

What does your website say about you?

What is the cost of “free”?

Will potential customers find the “real” you online?

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How to Assess Your Digital Reputation (K.I.S.S!)

“If you’ve never paid attention to your online presence, it’s time to begin!”

  • Conduct Google Searches
  • Seek input from customers
  • Request an audit from a professional
  • Google My Business listing insights
    • Search views
    • Map Views
    • Visits to website
    • Request Directions
    • Calls
    • View photos

Making Sense of your Digital Assets

Rather than seeking a definitive list of file formats that qualify as a digital asset, begin to consider a digital asset as any content, in any format, that is stored digitally and provides value to your organization (or to the user, member  or consumer). 

Here’s some examples:

  • Photos
  • Files
  • Listings
  • Logos
  • Backlinks
  • Ads
  • Websites
  • Videos

Your Digital Presence

Ask yourself this:

  1. Will someone driving by your physical location get the same sense about your organization as someone who finds you online? 
  2. What are possible results of your website telling a different story than the one you tell inside your brick and mortar space? 
  3. What if they can’t even find you?

Here are a few considerations: 

  • Search Engines –  Search engines use your site structure to find, crawl, and rank content on your website. There are specific factors that make your site SEO-friendly.
  • User-Friendly Content  – Visitors are looking for content that they can consume easily.
  • ADA Compliance – ADA Compliance can pose a real threat to all businesses, nonprofits and churches. 

Digital Strategy

Your website is the center of your marketing. Every campaign you launch leads prospects to your website. Increase your sales and drive your success with a well-designed, easy to navigate, mobile-ready website.  


  1. Your website is the key
  2. Master the CTA (Call to Action)
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Content Delivery
  5. Repurposing content

If digital strategy feels unmanageable, start measuring!  

Prioritizing Digital for Today’s Audience


  1. The customer journey starts online more now than ever.
  2. If it’s not a priority, don’t expect results from your digital presence. 
  3. Put it in the budget, just like any other asset your organization manages. 
  4. Hire someone internally! 
  5. Get outside/expert, objective feedback on an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately, the grave reality is that businesses who don’t reassess and reset their focus to include their digital presence, might not make it to 2022. Start, today!

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