“It’s not your grandfather’s Camp Gilead.”

When we started this website redesign, we knew we needed to create more than just a website, we needed to create an experience. Camp Gilead is a bible camp located in Polk City, Florida. The challenges Camp Gilead has faced in recent years is very similar to the challenges many organizations are facing today – staying relevant.

We built the site with WordPress, which allows our client to make content edits and updates without needing our help. Unless there are structural changes to the website, the Camp Gilead team now has the ability to make all of their edits in-house without the expense of our services! While that might sound like we’re giving away the farm, it’s how we prefer to do business. Basic website updates don’t need to be kept under lock and key anymore. There are easy-to-use tools that make maintaining a professional web presence easy for just about anyone!

, Camp Gilead