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Does your business REALLY need a Facebook page?

One of the toughest things about being a business owners is wearing “many hats”. When you wear many hats, you’re the CEO, the customer service representative, the technician, the support, and now you’re expected to be the social media guru?! We get it, it’s hectic! However, one of the biggest things you need to consider […]

How to Promote Your Event Beyond Your Friends

Reaching Beyond your Friends – Getting Results for Online Event Promotions Facebook is a versatile tool for building relationships and raising awareness of your business or non-profit organization’s events. Getting the word out about your upcoming fundraiser is crucial for your event’s success, so it’s important to remember that your personal network might not be […]

Invest in Your Content Strategy

“Smart people invest in digital real estate, and the only way to establish it is with a content strategy.” Content is everywhere. It’s ads and blogs, images, videos and more. But what’s the point of it all? This all depends on your content strategy. A good content strategy plans for valuable, findable and meaningful content […]

Social Media and Live Events

Social Media and Live Events Whether you are attending or creating an event, know that a lot more goes into it than sitting and listening. A great event should inspire others to take action and extend the event past the four walls they find themselves in. Events are useful for attracting business and strengthening your […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Wix

This is my face when you show me your website made in Wix.  I really hate to be the person to crush dreams. Really.  I come across friends of mine from college who are upstarting their business and since money is a concern, they go with Wix. Imagine the sirens from “Kill Bill” when someone […]