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We are Maximize Digital Media, a digital marketing company specializing in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with online marketing strategies. We are known for our coaching skills in the fields of Website Design, Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization.

Creating beautiful, obtainable websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs is our passion. Providing those same businesses with the marketing strategies to propel them forward is the work that we’re proud of. And empowering others to learn and master the tools and techniques that will drive their continued success is our ultimate goal.

Our team is filled with people who live and breathe marketing strategy, who hold a brand’s website in the same regard as a piece of artwork, and who make it their personal mission to see a client succeed. We believe in telling a client’s story, painting a masterpiece with it, and marketing it with heart.

We are committed to making a meaningful difference in our community. Chrissanne and Craig are the creators of Lakeland Business Leaders, a local business network that connects local solutions to customers in real-time. Maximize, together with LBL, stands behind small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.


online marketing, Old About Us

Chrissanne Long

CEO / Co-Owner

Meet Chrissanne

She’s the heart behind this whole dang thing. Her passion is helping others and getting them to recognize the awesomeness within themselves. True story, her office door is plastered with a giant BE AWESOME decal. She keeps us sane, and she helps us stay positive when all we want to do is be negative. Things that are important to her: our beautiful city, the Florida State Seminoles, focusing on solutions and NOT problems, and Thursday night trivia.

online marketing, Old About Us

Craig Hosking

COO / Co-Owner

This is Craig

Our resident “Funny Guy”. No really, we actually call him Funny Guy. Corny, punny jokes are his thing, and our office would be far less hilarious without him. He’s a project managing machine, and he keeps things moving and functioning the way they should.

Craig LOVES NETWORKING! Getting to know people, their business, success & struggles, family and their WHY…helping others connect to solve problems and create solutions.

Hobbies: College sports, Florida Gators, Going to the beach, volunteering, and learning new ways to help clients.


online marketing, Old About Us

Olivia George

Chief Strategy Officer

Meet Olivia

Olivia, we call her “OG” for short. She’s the one that keeps it real in the office. She’s the master planner, keeping clients’ accounts on time, making sure nothing gets missed. We often ask her to dot our i’s and cross our t’s, because, well she knows where the commas go. Most people don’t know about her crafty side. When she’s not at work she’s probably taking old furniture and turning it into something bee-yoo-ti-ful.

online marketing, Old About Us

Amanda Hamilton

Web Creative Director

Meet Amanda

Amanda is a FullSail graduate that has been creating for almost 10 years now. In 2013, She won a Summit International Award for an E-commerce website she designed. She loves making all sorts of pretty stuff from print, web, photography and more! If she’s not creating then she’s most likely kickboxing! Fun fact: She’s a proud Ferrant of 2 adorable fuzz butts (ferrets).

online marketing, Old About Us

Jon Camargo

Media Project Manager

Meet Jon

Jon is a recent graduate of Ohio University, where he studied journalism, business, and media. He’s our office wordsmith with a knack for creativity and more pairs of shoes than we can count. If he’s not at the office, he’s most likely down the road training to be the best he can be at All American Gym!

online marketing, Old About Us

Tonya Tucker

Digital Content Specialist

Meet Tonya

Tonya is a recent graduate from the University of North Florida where she was awarded with the Top GPA for the School of Communication. She has a passion for public relations, writing and social media. During her free time she is either at the YMCA or spending time with her family and dogs.


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